World EV Cities and Ecosystems Conference Planned for May 5 to Enable Dialog Between International Cities

March 6, 2012 12:33 PM
Conference to convene in Los Angeles on May 5th.
© World EV Cities and Ecosystems Conference

Task 18 (Electric Vehicle Ecosystems) is planning an all-day World EV Cities and Ecosystems Conference to convene in Los Angeles, California, U.S., on May 5, 2012, immediately before the 26th World Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS 26). Representatives from international cities and regions will discuss the future of electric mobility, with many topics to be discussed, including:

·        Re-designing parking and road systems for EVs

·        Options for financing and managing public charging stations

·        Integrating EV’s into municipal fleets and public transportation

·        Public planning for electrifying commercial fleets and taxis

·        Strategies for port electrification

·        Enhancing public EV engagement through rentals and tourism

·        Re-assessing the EV goals and strategies of non-profits, foundations, and governments  

·        Re-designing public policy incentives for EV and EVSE (EV supply equipment) adoption

·        Measuring performance towards EV goals: data, pilot projects & information sharing

This conference is being planned in cooperation with the Clean Energy Ministerial Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI), the Clinton Climate Change Foundation C40 Cities program, and the Rocky Mountain Institute. The University of California, Davis' Plug-in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Research Center and the Luskin Center for Innovation at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) are co-hosting the event.

Registration  is now open. Interested parties who can contribute to the dialog may contact Mr. David Beeton, Task 18 Operating Agent, or Mr. Tom Turrentine, Co-operating Agent.

Contributed by Mr. David Beeton, Task 18 Operating Agent