Task 26, Wireless Power Transfer for EVs

Wireless Power Transfer for EVs

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Burak Ozpineci, PhD
Electric Drive Technologies Program Manager
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2360 Cherahala Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37932
Tel: +1 865 946 1329
Email burak@ornl.gov

Julie Francis (Vice Operating Agent)
Allegheny Science & Technology
490 L'Enfant Plaza SW, Suite 7170
Washington DC 20024
Email jperezfrancis@alleghenyst.com


Planning for the 7th workshop is underway. If you are interested in attending please contact the operating agents to be added to the invitation list.


4th Workshop: Interoperability & Standards (June 28-29, 2016, Rotterdam, The Netherlands) 

5th Workshop: Safety of WPT Systems (October 5-6, 2016, Knoxville, TN United States) 

6th Workshop: Installations & Alignment (April 25-26, 2017, Versailles, France)

7th Workshop: Wireless Charging and V2X Grid and Market Integration (March 19-20, 2018, Newcastle, UK)

8th Workshop: Dynamic Wireless Charging (June 25-26,2018, Torino, Italy)

9th Workshop: Wireless Charging (November 6, 2018, Detroit, Michigan, USA)

Task 26 Report


7th Workshop: Grid impacts/ issues and Bi-directional Wireless (March 19-20, 2018, Newcastle, UK)

8th Workshop: Dynamic Wireless Charging (June/July 2018) - Details to follow

9th Workshop: Communications/Autonomous (Fall 2018, Detroit, MI USA) - Details to follow

Concluding Meeting - Spring 2019

Programme of Work

Task 26 aims to develop a greater global understanding of wireless power transfer (WPT) systems and interoperability through a focused study of WPT technologies being developed in the participating countries. This task includes a study of country-based standards (JARI, SAE, ISO/IEC), technical approaches, grid interactions, regulatory policy, and safety codes for WPT.

Working Method

The task will conduct bi-annual meetings which may include viewing locations of WPT research or deployment activities to gain first-hand knowledge of how this technology is progressing and to inform the committee of new work. Based on information gathered from participating countries, specific areas may be identified as critical interest for off-line research.

  • Develop an understanding of the challenges faced in various countries or markets by categorizing deployment approaches and requirements for WPT technologies.
  • Conduct comparison of current WPT technology development and address interoperability concerns for both static and dynamic systems.
  • Catalog and compare standards (JARI, SAE, ISO/IEC) in areas such as power transfer, center frequency, alignment, data security, and communications.
  • Summarize safety issues arising from misalignment, leakage fields, and debris tolerance and response.
  • Catalog potential grid impacts with higher levels of WPT.


The task will run from September 2014 till May 2019.

Member Countries

Denmark, France, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the United States have joined the task.


Any IA-HEV member may join. There is an annual contribution for membership. In addition, attendees at the meetings are kindly asked to cover their own costs linked to participation (i.e., salaries, travel expenditures, accommodation, etc.) as in any IEA Task. Participating members are expected to set aside an appropriate amount of time (resources) to support directed activities (research) that may be required in addition to attending meetings. Contact the Operating Agent for more information.

Benefits of Participation

  • Broadening and deepening the expertise of automotive research organizations in WPT for EVs and related technologies.
  • Strengthen working relationships and international collaborations.
  • Access to information on research performed by other participants
  • Receive updates on recent developments in other countries
  • Remaining informed on the state of standards that may facilitate (or hinder) interoperability with WPT for EVs.