Task 39, Interoperability of e-Mobility Services

Task 39, Interoperability of e-Mobility Services

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Programme of Work

The IEA HEV TCP Executive Committee (ExCo) unanimously approved Task 39 at the 48th ExCo meeting held in April 2018 in Dublin (Ireland). Task 39 will run for two years during the period 2018-2019. The Netherlands has been official member from the start and many other countries expressed their interest to join Task 39.

The market of electric vehicles is growing worldwide at an increasing speed. More and more electric vehicle models are being introduced on the market. End users and governments get more and more interested in the potential benefits of electric mobility since it offers a great potential to solve many of our environmental, societal and economic challenges. Therefore, policy makers are implementing supportive measures to facilitate the further uptake of electric mobility in their region. Main barriers to be addressed are the higher purchase cost, limited driving range and limited charging infrastructure.

Task 39 will focus on the charging infrastructure and more specifically on the interoperability aspects of e-mobility services like charging of passenger cars in the public and semi-public domain. Also smart charging is within the scope of Task 39.

Governments and industry are making huge investments in charging infrastructure in the public and semi-public domain to facilitate the further uptake of electric mobility and to try to convince the end users to make this step. These investments are certainly needed since charging will be needed, in more or less quantities, at all locations: residential, workplace and also the semi-public and public domain.

However, it is not only about the quantity of available charging points in a region. Much more important is the quality of the charging service offered to the end user. This charging service needs to be easy to use, reliable and cost transparent. Information about the location and availability of charging points, about the way to get access to these charging points, about the tariffs, etc. are crucial for the end user to be confident enough to make the step towards electric mobility. Interoperability between the different e-mobility services offered today is therefore crucial for the comfort and ease-of-use of the end users. Look at the roaming in the telecom sector. But interoperability is equally important for the governments and companies making investments in charging infrastructure and services. Information exchange between the back offices of the different stakeholders like charge point operators and mobility service providers is an important aspect and having open and interoperable solutions can have a positive impact on the business case and on the flexibility to offer higher quality and/or combined e-mobility services to the end user.

Working Method

Task 39 will be executed in a pragmatic way and will make use of mainly telco's and two workshops to collect, discuss and write down the existing knowledge available from the experts of the member countries. This information will be complemented by additional desktop research and contacts with different initiatives to collect the most recent information. All detailed collected information will be stored in the IEA HEV TCP SharePoint site and will be accessible to the member countries.

Putting the available information on paper in a clear and concise way and share it with the EV community (end users, governments and industry) is the ultimate ambition of Task 39. The country reports and recommendations will be shared via the Annual Report and the website of IEA HEV TCP.

The working method and number of workshops can be adapted when new member countries join and/or opportunities arise.

Member countries

Currently, Belgium and the Netherlands are members of the task. New members are encouraged to apply. For more information, please contact the Operating Agent.