Task 29, Electrified, Connected and Automated Vehicles

Electrified, Connected and Automated Vehicles

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Mr. Gereon Meyer
VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH
Dept. Future Technologies and Europe
Steinplatz 1
10623 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 310078 134

Programme of  Work

The convergence of technologies for connectivity and automation with the electrification of road vehicles may offer a multitude of synergies in both performance of the technical systems and added values for users and businesses. Interdependencies between the development and innovation processes in automation and electrification are likely, due to similarities in the electronic architecture both technologies rely on. Furthermore, functional complementarities as well as commonalities in the systematic character of the operating environment enlarge synergetic effects. Thus, the combination of the three technologies may define novel products, designs and services and, along these lines, new market opportunities for the merging automotive and IT sectors. The synergetic effects can be expected to contribute to higher customers' acceptance of electrified vehicles. On the other hand, concerns exist over potential rebound effects: High-degree automation of vehicles may lead to a more intense use of them and thus increase the energy needs event though the technology is more efficient. In order to discuss opportunities and challenges of electrification in combination with connectivity and automation of road vehicles, Task 29 was launched by the HEV TCP.

Task 29 will focus on following objectives:

  • Analyze the potential technological synergies of electrification, connectivity and automation of road vehicles and derive research, development and standardization needs.
  • Study the business models by combining electrification and connectivity/automation of road vehicles and identify action fields for companies and/or governments.
  • Assess the impact of user/driver behavior on the combination of electrification, connectivity and automation and conclude on needs for measures in awareness and legislation.

Working Method

Task 29 will organize a series of expert workshops scheduled in conjunction with dedicated conferences and HEV TCP Executive Committee (ExCo) meetings. The workshops will gather a variety of stakeholders coming from academia, industry and public authorities. The purpose is to identify trends and scenarios, to analyze challenges and opportunities, and to deliver conclusions for future actions. The final list of topics will be defined considering the interests of the Task participants, including the member state representatives, as well as the industries and R&D centers involved in the Task. The results of the Task 29 meetings will be presented in form of a report and a roadmap. It shall be made available to the community as a book.


The Task 29 will officially launch in January 2016 and run until the end of 2019. During the period a total of six workshops is planned.

Member Countries

Austria, Germany, United States

Financing and Sponsorship

Becoming a member of Task 29 is free of charge. Please contact the Operating Agent for more information.

Benefits of Participation

Task 29 will offer a platform for sharing information about the results and future strategies for research and development programs, implementation measures and actions e.g. in legislation, or standardization regarding electrified, connected and automated road transport.