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Quick Charging

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Task 20 Operating Agent
Mr. Ignacio Martin
CIRCE - Research Center for Energy Resources and Consumption
C/ Mariano Esquillor Gómez, 15
50018 Zaragoza


Final Report

Programme of Work

Task 20 addresses quick charging technology for plug-in electric vehicles, with the following goals:

  • Report on the current status of quick charging technology.
  • Discuss objectively how quick charging technology can contribute to the deployment of electric vehicles.
  • Share knowledge on quick charging technology deployment developments and trends.
  • Get consensus and provide joint conclusions to the stakeholders related to the standardization process.
  • Provide recommendations for setting up a roadmap for quick charging technology development and implementation.

Working Method

The Task is holding a series of workshops scheduled in conjunction with IA-HEV Executive Committee (ExCo) meetings, events held by standardization bodies, or other meetings that would be relevant to quick charging technology. A workshop held in Japan in June 2013 addressed current quick charging technology development trends around the world.

Future workshop topics might include:

  • Lessons learned from the charging network plan and past EV deployments
  • A survey of current pilot projects and the effect of quick charging technology in supporting EV deployment
  • Discussion of quick charging on battery ageing and behavior

The final list of topics will be defined considering the interests of the Task participants, including the member state representatives, as well as the industries and R&D centers involved in the Task.


The Task was approved by the IA-HEV Executive Committee in November 2011 and plans to run through the end of 2014. A kickoff meeting was held in May 2012 in the United States, and a second workshop was held in Japan in June 2013. The third meeting of the Task will take place in November 2013 in conjunction with the 27th International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition (EVS27).

Member countries

The initial members of Task 20 are Germany, Spain, and the United States. New members are welcome. Representatives from China and Japan have also participated in Task 20 workshops.

Financing and sponsorship

Participation is open to any IA-HEV member state or organization interested in the field as a full member based on an annual contribution, following the IEA procedure. To encourage early participation, a higher annual membership fee will apply the later a participant joins. In addition, attendees at the meetings are kindly asked to cover their own costs linked to participation (i.e., salaries, travel expenditures, accommodation, etc.) as in any IEA Task. Contact the Operating Agent for more information.

Deliverables and outcomes

The Task will produce two intermediate reports and a final report. All reports will be restricted to Task participants, although public summaries will be developed and distributed.

Benefits of participation

Participants will have ready access to early findings and to other experts’ contributions and expertise. They also will be able to share results and take part in discussions whose outcomes will be offered as input to standardization bodies such as CENELEC and SAE. In this context, participants in this Task will actively contribute to define the role that quick charging technology can play in the global introduction of EVs. The information shared by the participants is not only significant due to the data included in the reports, but also to the exchange of different opinions, knowledge, and experiences during the workshops. Finally, this task will provide a wide working network including key players in quick charging technology.