Task 17, Vehicle Optimization & System Integration

 System Optimization and Vehicle Integration

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Mr. Mark-Michael Weltzl
A3PS- Austrian agency for Alternative Propulsion Systems
Vienna, Austria
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October 2013

Programme of Work

Task 17 (System Optimization and  Vehicle Integration) is analyzing technology options for the optimization of electric vehicle (EV) components and drivetrain configurations that will enhance vehicle energy efficiency performance.

Working Method

Activities in this Task include technology assessment studies and information sharing. Since the task kickoff in November 2010, seven expert meetings have taken place. These meetings have included participants from industry and research organizations as well as technology policy experts from the participating IA-HEV member countries.

The topics to be covered in the final Task 17 report include two major areas:

Section I on components will focus on battery management systems and electric motors. This discussion will also include auxiliary units of the combustion engine and power-electronic-component technologies.

Section II on vehicle integration will focus on the areas of thermal management, lightening vehicle weight, and electronic/electrical (E/E) architecture.

The Task also plans to include the information available on performance gained from different electric vehicle demonstration programmes that are currently active in Europe, USA and Asia.


Task 17 held its first meeting in November 2010. In December 2012 it was decided that the Task could continue into early 2015.


Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States are members. Current Task member representatives are from the Austrian Agency for Alternative Propulsion Systems (A3PS, Austria), eNOVA Strategy Board for Electric Mobility (Germany), Bern University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland), and the United States Department of Energy and Argonne National Laboratory (U.S.).

Financing and Sponsorship

There is a fee for participation. Contact the Operating Agent for more information.

Benefits of Participation

Vehicle performance will be a deciding factor in the market success for all types of electric vehicles. Policy makers, research program managers, and automobile industry executives and engineers need clear direction for determining priorities in research and funding. Results from this working group will be disseminated within Task 17 member countries to inform officials in industry and government about the most promising new EV technologies and proposed system configurations.