Task 1, Information Exchange

Information Exchange

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Dr. Kate Palmer
Urban Foresight
The Catalyst
3 Sciense Square
Newcastle Helix
Newcastle upon Tyne

United Kingdom

E: Kate.Palmer@UrbanForesight.org
Tel: +44 1382 549 947


Programme of  Work

Task 1 serves as a platform for information exchange among member countries. The objectives are to collect, analyze, and disseminate information relating to hybrid, electric, and fuel cell vehicles from both member and nonmember countries.

Information exchange topics:

  • Research and technology development
  • Commercialization, marketing, and sales
  • Regulation, standards, and policies

Working Method

Country experts present information at semiannual meetings held in conjunction with the IA-HEV Executive Committee (ExCo) meetings and provide country-specific information for IA-HEV publications. The Task Operating Agent (OA) is responsible for coordinating activities, maintaining the public and the members-only IA-HEV websites, distributing a semiannual newsletter, and producing the IA-HEV annual report.


Task 1 began in 1995 and is ongoing.

Member Countries

Membership is automatic for all IA-HEV members.

Financing and Sponsorship

There is no cost for membership.

Benefits of Participation

Information exchange is at the core of IA-HEV work, enabling members to share key insights and best practices and identify common interests in the rapidly growing international hybrid and electric vehicle field.