Task 12, Heavy-Duty Hybrid Vehicles

Heavy-duty hybrid vehicles

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Mr. Carlo Mol
VITO - Flemish Institute for Technological Research
Boeretang 200
BE-2400 Mol

Programme of Work

Task 12 aimed to report on the current status of the heavy-duty hybrid vehicles “playing field”. The status report focused on the available and emerging hybrid vehicle technologies and the current and expected state of the market. A classification of heavy-duty hybrid vehicles according to purpose or operational application was agreed upon to pose fewer difficulties in combining the vehicles of Europe and the United States (U.S.). Three subtasks were identified for three areas of work:

  1. A technology-oriented subtask structured the information on heavy-duty hybrid vehicle components, systems, and configurations.
  2. A second subtask collected market information on heavy-duty hybrid vehicles.
  3. A dissemination-oriented subtask involved promoting the Task 12 objectives and results to a broad range of stakeholders.

Working Method

A total of eight expert meetings were held. The Operating Agent organized two expert meetings per year, predominantly in participating countries. Each meeting tried to include a technical visit to the participant's facilities and/or other interesting projects or events. This allowed the local participant to illustrate its capabilities and infrastructure in the field of heavy-duty hybrid vehicle technology.


The Task was active from early 2007 through late 2010.

Member Countries

Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, and the United States participated in Task 12 since 2007. Finland joined in 2008, followed by Switzerland in 2010. The company HESS AG was designated as the Swiss Task member.


There was an annual contribution fee for membership.

Benefits of Participation

Task 12 identified and illustrated the technical requirements for heavy-duty hybrid vehicles, highlighting how these differed from light-duty vehicle requirements, the available technologies and their characteristics, and the system integration requirements. This Task increased the insights into the applications where heavy-duty hybrids have been an effective transport solution and provided essential information future deployment projects.

Each subtask issued a members-only report, and a final report was issued to members. Published papers and conference presentations given by members are publicly available. The Task maintains its own website - IA-HEV Task 12