Task 13, Fuel Cell Vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles

Ongoing Tasks

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Contact for further information

Ms. Gabriela Telias
A3PS- Austrian agency for Alternative Propulsion Systems
Vienna, Austria
Tel: +43-1-205 01 68-105

Programme of Work

Fuel cells complement batteries and other energy-storage devices by offering silent, clean, and efficient energy-conversion technology. The Task worked collaboratively with the IEA Implementing Agreement on Advanced Fuel Cells.

The work focused on polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells as the dominant vehicle technology used. A final report was issued in 2011 for participating Task members.

Working Method

The participants used foresight studies and technology assessments that focused on these topics:

  • Fuel cell vehicles’ (FCV) configurations
  • Main components for FCVs: power electronics and electric machines, energy storage, fuel cells
  • Hydrogen production, storage in vehicle, dispensing (connectors) and distribution


The Task started in 2007 and concluded in 2010.

Member Countries

Actual member countries were Austria, Switzerland, and the U.S.

Financing and Sponsorship

There was an annual contribution to pay for the membership.

Benefits of Participation

The shared activities saved members research costs and time. Each member provided expert information of benefit to other members’ efforts towards defining their countries' national fuel cell research areas.