Task 2, Energy & Environmental Impacts of EVs

Ongoing Tasks

Energy & Environmental Impacts of EVs

Completed Tasks

Programme of Work

When Task 2 began in 1994, there was a need for reliable information on the environmental and energy impacts of EVs. Governments needed sound information to make informed policy decisions about EVs.

Working Method

Over five years, Task 2 members studied and modeled several aspects of energy and environmental impacts:

  • Development of a future scenario for EV introduction to measure the energy and environmental impacts of electric vehicles at the national level using a spreadsheet model. The resulting data was compared with future scenarios in which no EVs were introduced.
  • Environmental impacts due to the manufacturing and recycling of electric vehicle batteries.
  • Local environmental impacts from vehicles in urban areas.
  • Innovative transportation systems using EVs: The possibility of using EVs in combination with other transportation modes or systems was investigated, including the potential number of trips that could be made in different urban situations by these systems.


Task 2 was active from 1994–1999.

Member Countries

The participating countries were Austria, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

The Operating Agent was ECN of the Netherlands.