Task 10, Electrochemical Systems

Electrochemical Systems

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James A. Barnes
4611 Drexel Road
College Park, Maryland 20740, USA

Programme of Work

Task 10 focuses on topics related to the chemistry and performance of electrochemical energy storage devices (batteries and ultracapacitors). The objectives are to advance the state-of-the-art battery science and technologies for use in vehicles. All aspects of batteries and capacitors for vehicles are covered, from basic electrochemistry up to the testing of full systems testing. 

Working Method

About once a year, a working group forms to address a specific topic of current interest and holds one or two workshops. Representatives from industry, government, and the research sector are invited to participate. Products from the working group vary depending on the nature of discussions and may include publications in the open literature or restricted meeting notes. New meetings will be held on emerging topics. Recent topics have included:

  • Safety and abuse testing of batteries
  • World’s supply of lithium
  • Accelerated life testing of lithium-ion batteries
  • Government support for vehicle battery manufacturing facilities
  • Recycling of lithium-ion batteries
  • Batteries under extreme temperature conditions

Topics under consideration for future workshops include:

  • First responder issues
  • The "second use" of vehicle batteries
  • The effect of fast charging on battery performance
  • Testing of PHEV batteries



Member Countries

Any IA-HEV member country may participate in Task 10 workshops. Country experts from the private and public sector then choose to participate according to the workshop topic.

Financing and Sponsorship

Any IA-HEV member may join at no cost. Membership is sponsored by the Vehicle Technologies Program, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy.

Benefits of Participation

The working method of using workshops guarantees flexibility in choosing new topics and identifying relevant experts for participation. Attendance is by invitation-only, allowing in-depth discussion without the distractions of a larger, public forum.

IA-HEV members may choose to participate in specific workshops without making a multi-year commitment to the Task or additional workshops. Individuals interested in helping organize, host, or participate in a future working-group meeting with a specific topic are urged to contact the Operating Agent.