Task 11, Completed Tasks Electric Cycles

Electric Cycles

Ongoing Tasks

Completed Tasks

Programme of Work

Task 11 aimed to identify market barriers for electric cycles and strategies to achieve greater market penetration. Electric cycles are an ideal urban transport option because they are quiet, require little road space, and reduce pollution and energy consumption.

Working Method

Phase One of this task concluded in 2009 and addressed these topics: energy savings and market potential, market introduction, technology improvement, charging infrastructure, and information exchange.

Phase Two objectives subtasks included:

  • Structuring the electric cycle information gathered from Phase One
  • Organizing and completing dedicated technology and infrastructure workshops
  • Promoting electric cycles for increased consumer use
  • Educating consumers, dealers, industry, and authorities about electric cycle benefits
  • Organizing and completing educational meetings with dealers and other interested parties

ExtraEnergy and others developed the handbook “Go Pedelec!” that is now available online in multiple languages. Along with the handbook, the website contains a wealth of information for municipalities about best practices for pedelecs.


Phase One of the Task began in 2006 and concluded in 2009. Phase Two began in 2010 and concluded in 2011.

Member Countries

Task member countries were Austria, Switzerland, and the United States (U.S.).

AVERE (the European Association for Battery, Hybrid, and Fuel Cell Vehicles) served as the Operating Agent for the task duration (2006–2011). On the behalf of AVERE, during 2011, Mr. Hannes Neupert (Germany), president of ExtraEnergy, carried out much of the work of completing the final report and disseminating information at electric cycle-related conferences. He took over from Robert Stüssi (Portugal), who had helped to revive Task 11’s activities starting in 2010.

Benefits of Participation

Urban transport is increasingly seen as one of main challenges for the next decade. Electric cycles are one important solution to urban transport. This Task addressed barriers to enable the use of more electric scooters as a viable, urban transport option.