Task 20, Quick Charging, Invites Operators, Battery Providers, Government Representatives, and OEMs to Attend Their Kick-off Meeting in May

March 6, 2012 11:05 AM
The ABB Terra Charge Post.
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Quick charging for all types of electric vehicles (EVs), which may be done at direct current (DC) charging posts with voltages as high as 600 V, enables charging along heavy traffic corridors and at public stations. A quick charge can take less than 30 minutes to charge a battery to most of its capacity. Quick charging stations located in public areas will make charging more convenient, help allay range anxiety, and increase these vehicles’ useful range. Deployment of quick charging stations is in the early phase. Sharing knowledge about developments, trends, and standardization is a valuable method to achieve successful implementation.

Task 20, Quick Charging, was approved by the IA-HEV in November 2011 at the Executive Committee held in Lisbon, Portugal. Members to date are Spain and the United States (U.S.).

Participation in Task 20 is open to any IA-HEV member state or organization interested in the field as a full member based on an annual contribution. Participants will have ready access to early findings and to other experts’ contributions and expertise. They also will be able to share results and take part in discussions whose outcomes will be offered as input to standardization bodies such as CENELEC and SAE.

A Task 20 kick-off meeting is being scheduled for May 2012 in Los Angeles, California, U.S., to coordinate with EVS-26. The meeting details will be updated as they become available. Operators, battery providers, government representatives, and equipment manufacturers are invited to attend. Any active company in the field is welcome to share their experience in quick charging technology.

The meeting will focus on the following topics:

  • Current quick charging technology development trends around the world
  • A survey of current pilot projects and the effect of quick charging technology in supporting EV deployment

The goal of the meeting is to produce a report on the current status of quick charging technology development and trends. This exercise will lay the task foundation for further technical discussion and task goals.

This kick-off meeting will provide an excellent framework for those interested in quick charge technology topics and deployment.Please contact the Operating Agent to register for the meeting and for more information.

Contributed by Mr. Ignacio Martin (Portugal), Task 20 Operating Agent