Task 19, LCA of EVs, holds second and third workshops during 2013

October 18, 2013 11:05 AM
Recycling the electric vehicle.
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This past spring, international experts on life cycle assessment (LCA) of electric vehicles (EVs) convened in Argonne, Illinois, United States to participate in the second Task 19 expert workshop focused on LCA aspects of EV battery and vehicle production. This workshop, held on April 25–26, 2013, was entitled “LCA of EVs: From raw material resources to waste management of vehicles with an electric drivetrain”.

Thirty participants from six countries met to discuss LCA case studies of battery and vehicle production, structural materials, and active materials in the batteries. The aim was to:

  • Assess and discuss the state of knowledge, best practices, available data, and data gaps;
  • Identify steps to mitigate data gaps and uncertainty in existing data;
  • Review current assessments of life cycle impacts of battery and vehicle production; and
  • Identify the greatest sources of uncertainty and steps to improve analyses.

The main results of the workshop are summarized in these key issues:

  • The influence of battery production in LCA of EVs, including where are the main environmental impacts and how they might be reduced in a future mass production of automotive batteries.
  • The future development of automotive battery mass production.
  • The influence of future recycling of automotive batteries: today there is no infrastructure in place to recycle a huge amount of automotive batteries, but from an LCA perspective, efficient recycling of battery materials might significantly reduce the environmental impacts of battery production.
  • Dissemination and communication strategies for LCA results.

Expert workshop results are currently documented in detail and will be made available soon. Outcomes of the first Task 19 expert workshop held in December 2012 were described in the January 2013 IA-HEV newsletter.

Third workshop held in October in Switzerland

The third Task 19 expert workshop on “End of Life Management of Vehicles with an Electric Drivetrain,” was held in Davos, Switzerland on October 9–10, 2013. The workshop was co-located with the World Resources Forum 2013. The two-day program envisioned the development of a strategy paper on how to address the main R&D demand for the topic, with scientific visits to nearby waste and recycling plants on the second day.

Task 19 facts

EVs have the potential to substitute for conventional vehicles by contributing to the development of a sustainable transportation sector worldwide, e.g., reduction of greenhouse gas and particle emissions. There is international consensus that the environmental effects of EVs can only be analyzed on the basis of LCA, including the production, operation and vehicle end of life management. Task 19 has established a Research Platform for LCA and end-of-life management for EVs to further augment the benefits and competitiveness of EVs based on facts and figures reflecting LCA activities in IA-HEV member countries.

Contributed by Mr. Gerfried Jungmeier
Task 19 Operating Agent