Task 17, System Optimization and Vehicle Integration, to investigate efficiency effects of lightweight materials, industry reps discuss new approaches to E/E architecture

July 20, 2012 02:27 PM
Mercedes SLS AMG E-CELL.
© Photo courtesy of Mercedes.

Members of Task 17 are extending their work through 2013 to investigate a new topic: the analysis of the potential of lightweight structures and materials used in EV drivetrains to achieve higher energy efficiency, and their impact on vehicle safety and end-of-life recycling.

The most recent Task workshop was held in May in Los Angeles following EVS 26 and the IA-HEV Executive Committee meeting. Current Task member representatives are from the Austrian Agency for Alternative Propulsion Systems (A3PS, Austria), eNOVA Strategy Board for Electric Mobility (Germany), Bern University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland), and the United States Department of Energy (U.S. DOE) and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL, U.S.).  Representatives from the Directorate General for Research and Technology Development of the European Commission (EC) and industry—AVL North America, Magna Steyr, and Siemens—also participated in the workshop.

ANL and AVL North America gave presentations on testing procedures for EV performance evaluation and the corresponding results. Siemens presented an analysis on the trends in electrical and electronic (E/E) architecture and their impact on system performance. Discussion followed on the paradigm change from using highly complex conventional E/E systems to centralizing control functions to minimize the number of electronic control units (ECUs). It is becoming difficult to integrate an increasing number of ECUs at an affordable cost, so that control function centralization will not only reduce costs but also facilitate the integration of new functions by reducing the development time as well.

Additional presentations included the overview of research programs and active projects by the U.S DOE, followed by a presentation given by the EC that focused on the European Green Cars Initiative.

New members are welcome to join the upcoming phase of this Task. For more information please contact the Operating Agent, Ms. Gabriela Telias.

Contributed by Ms. Gabriela Telias