Task 17, System Optimization and Vehicle Integration, investigates efficiency effects of lightweight materials; discussion on new approaches to E/E architecture coming soon

January 24, 2013 10:51 AM
The latest workshop was held at Tech Gate Vienna.
© Image courtesy of Tech Gate Vienna.


Lightweight materials were the topic for the Task 17 strategic meeting (5th Workshop) held at TechGate in Vienna on December 10th in conjunction with the 7th annual Austrian Agency for Alternative Propulsion Systems (A3PS) conference “Eco-Mobility 2012”.

Current Task member representatives are from A3PS, eNOVA Strategy Board for Electric Mobility (Germany), Bern University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland), and the United States Department of Energy, and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL, U.S.). Representatives from Bern could not attend the meeting, but representatives from Magna Steyr and Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) participated in the workshop.

Ann Schlenker, section leader of the Vehicle Systems Group at ANL, presented results from a recent Vehicle Light Weight Study accomplished in collaboration with the Idaho National Laboratory (U.S.). AIT presented its research capabilities in lightweighting and discussed their possible contribution to the Task final report for a chapter providing an overview of simulation tools used by international research groups.

Planning is underway for a more in-depth and technical Task 17 workshop scheduled to coincide with the 38th IA-HEV Executive Committee meeting in April, 2013 at ANL in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. The workshop focus again will be lightweight aspects and E/E Architecture rounded off with Task members presenting work results.

Currently the Task is not accepting new members. Ms. Gabriela Telias has moved on from A3PS and is no longer the Task Operating Agent. We send warm wishes and many thanks to Gabriela who contributed much effort to Task 17 and IAHEV.

Contributed by Mr. Mark-Michael Weltzl (A3PS, Austria)
Task 17 Operating Agent