Task 17, System Integration for EVs, Welcomes Germany as a Member

March 6, 2012 11:30 AM
Battery management systems are a research topic.
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The work plan for Task 17 involves the analysis of technology options for the optimization of electric vehicle components and drivetrain configurations that will enhance vehicle performance.

Current participating countries are Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States (U.S.). Germany has recently joined in September 2011; relevant industrial partners will be involved in this working group.

Three expert meetings have occurred since the task launched in 2010. The most recent workshop took place in September 2011 and was hosted by Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago, Illinois, U.S. The meeting location allowed the participants to visit the testing facilities for batteries and vehicles (Advanced Powertrain Research Facility). The meeting topic was battery management systems. Participants discussed current technology trends and identified areas that require further research efforts such as improved cell balancing, advanced-battery models, highly-scalable systems, and the possibility of supporting combinations of different cell chemistries within a single battery system.

The Task 17 scope of work has been focused to match the participants’ capabilities and fields of expertise. Based on the outcome of the task meetings, two focus areas were defined that correspond with the Task 17 final report structure:

  • Section I on components will focus on battery management systems, electric motors, and E/E architecture.
  • Section II will provide an overview of current EV configurations on the market and the performance assessment methods available involving simulation tools and testing procedures.

The Task final report will also include available information from the performance gains of different EV demonstration programmes currently active in Europe, U. S. and Asia.

The current plan is to extend the operation of this task until 2013 in order to include the topics brought up by Germany; new members are therefore welcome to join.For more information please contact the Operating Agent.

Contributed by Ms. Gabriela Telias (Austria), Task 17 Operating Agent