Task 11, Electric Cycles, Will Offer Policy Guidelines for Communities to Establish E-mobility

March 6, 2012 12:10 PM
E-bicycles are ideal for use in an urban settings.
© "Go Pedelec!"

Research conducted by the Task identified four factors for electric cycle market success:

  • Safe and long-life products
  • Ease-of-use and reliable infrastructure for charging and battery swapping, with intuitive handling procedures
  • Affordability and pay-by-usage options
  • Fun and prestigious products

Currently, the Task is preparing to release a handbook of bicycle policies for municipal decision makers to establish e-mobility in their communities. The organization ExtraEnergy and others are working within the framework of the European Union project “Go Pedelec!” to launch the handbook. It is serving as the Task 11 final report and will be publicly available in these languages: English, German, Dutch, Czech, Hungarian, and Italian. All members of the IA-HEV are welcome to publish the manual into other languages (translation cost in pdf version would correspond to about €3000).

AVERE will be disseminating the Task 11 results and presenting the handbook at the following events:

Task member countries were Austria, Switzerland, and the United States (U.S.). AVERE (the European Association for Battery, Hybrid, and Fuel Cell Vehicles) served as the Operating Agent for the task duration (2006–2011). On the behalf of AVERE, during 2011, Mr. Hannes Neupert (Germany), president of ExtraEnergy, carried out much of the work of completing the final report and disseminating information at electric cycle-related conferences. He took over from Robert Stüssi (Portugal), who had helped to revive Task 11’s activities starting in 2010.

Contributed by  Mr. Hannes Neupert (Germany) and AVERE (Task 11 Operating Agent), Mr. Robert Stüssi, and Alison Mize, Task 1, Information Exchange Operating Agent Team, (New West Technologies at the U.S. Department of Energy)