Task 1, Information Exchange, releases IA-HEV 2011 annual report, including recent EV-related developments in 17 member countries

July 20, 2012 02:56 PM
IA-HEV 2011 annual report.
© Image courtesy of IA-HEV.

The 2011 IA-HEV annual report is available as a printed book to IA-HEV members and other interested parties upon request. Titled Hybrid and Electric Vehicles – The Electric Drive Captures the Imagination, the new book covers the efforts underway in 17 member countries (including Canada, the U.S., and fifteen countries in Europe) to support hybrid and electric vehicles on their roads. Topics include policies and legislation, research, industry, EV charging infrastructure, EV deployments, and actual numbers of HEVs, PHEVs, and EVs on the road through recent sales.

The book also includes descriptions of the activities and results of IA-HEV’s active Tasks, the multilateral task-force projects which enable the 17 member countries to collaborate on research. The 2011 IA-HEV annual report touches upon recent findings on electric cycles, lessons learned from recent deployments of EVs, the technical and economic issues surrounding plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), system integration for EVs, and the “ecosystems” of policies and charging infrastructure that influence the use of EVs in cities. The 2011 edition is more concise than the previous year’s report, coming in at a total of 252 pages. The annual report serves as a comprehensive reference work, with an expert from each member country telling the story of electric drive vehicles in each location. Each country chapter is organized in a standardized format with a focus on the most significant developments over the past year. This range of up-to-date information is difficult to find between two covers anywhere else.  

One thousand copies of the new report were distributed to EVS 26 attendees in May 2012, and around 1,700 copies shipped to the members of the IA-HEV Executive Committee in each of the 17 member countries and the Operating Agents of the active Tasks. To request a copy of a report, please contact IA-HEV.  Also, the 2010 annual report is now available for download as a PDF from the annual reports page.  

Prior to EVS 26, Task 1 members and guests met in Los Angeles. More information on that meeting can be found in the Spring 2012 IA-HEV meetings discuss EV charging interoperability and data collection article.

Contributed By Ms. Kristin Abkemeier