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Ongoing Tasks
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Task 2, Impacts of EVs
Task 4, EV Infrastructure
Task 5, Batteries & Supercapacitors
Task 7, Hybrid Vehicles
Task 8, Deployment Strategies
Task 9, Clean City Vehicles
Task 10, Electrochemical Systems
Task 11, Electric Cycles
Task 12, Heavy-Duty Hybrid Vehicles
Task 13, Fuel Cell Vehicles
Task 14, Market Deployment of EVs
Task 15, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Task 16, Alternatives for Buses
Task 17, Vehicle Optimization & System Integration
Task 18, EV Ecosystems
Task 19, Life Cycle Assessment of EVs
Task 20, Quick Charging
Task 21, Accelerated Aging Test Li Ion Batteries
Task 22, E-Mobility Business Models
Task 24, Economic Impact Assessment of E-Mobility
Task 25, Plug-in Electric Vehicles
Task 26, Wireless Power Transfer for EVs
Task 27, Electric logistic vehicles (eLogV)
Task 28, Home grids and V2X technologies
Task 31, Fuels and Energy Carriers for Transport
Task 36, EV consumer adoption and use