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Ongoing Tasks
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Task 2, Impacts of EVs
Task 4, EV Infrastructure
Task 5, Batteries & Supercapacitors
Task 7, Hybrid Vehicles
Task 8, Deployment Strategies
Task 9, Clean City Vehicles
Task 10, Electrochemical Systems
Task 11, Electric Cycles
Task 12, Heavy-Duty Hybrid Vehicles
Task 13, Fuel Cell Vehicles
Task 14, Market Deployment of EVs
Task 15, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Task 16, Alternatives for Buses
Task 17, Vehicle Optimization & System Integration
Task 18, EV Ecosystems
Task 19, Life Cycle Assessment of EVs
Task 20, Quick Charging
Task 21, Accelerated Aging Test Li Ion Batteries
Task 22, E-Mobility Business Models
Task 24, Economic Impact Assessment of E-Mobility
Task 25, Plug-in Electric Vehicles
Task 27, Electric logistic vehicles (eLogV)
Task 28, Home grids and V2X technologies
Task 31, Fuels and Energy Carriers for Transport