Government: Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources works to ensure efficient, effective safe and environment-sensitive use of energy and natural resources. (Information available in English and Turkish)

Organization: TÜBİTAK MRC Energy Systems and Environmental Research Institute (ESERI) is a non-profit public research center. TÜBİTAK-MRC is a subsidiary organization of TÜBİTAK - The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey. ESERI works as an R&D organization, providing and developing technological knowledge into practical applications in environment and energy technologies areas. (Information in English and Turkish)

Research: Mechatronics Research and Mechatronic Vehicle (MEKAR), Department of Mechanical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, has a dynamic group of faculty, post-docs and graduate students with two research laboratories including automotive research. (Information available in English and Turkish)

Association: The Association of Automotive Parts and Components  Manufacturers provides the environment and conditions for developing the Turkish automotive industry as a whole and making Turkey one of the leading supply centers of the global automotive industry, by supporting its members as a collective organization. (Information available in English and Turkish)

Government: The Turkish Statistical Institute provides statistical information on many aspects of Turkey, including the transportation sector. (Information available in Turkish and English)