Government: The Swiss Federal Office of Energy outlines Swiss Government goals and plans for achieving them in the area of energy-efficient mobility and vehicles.  (Information available in English, German, French, and Italian)

Information: EnergieSchweiz Mobility Agency EcoCar advocates for the development of the efficient vehicles market in Switzerland. This resource allows politicians, mass media, and companies with fleets of vehicles to acquire information and professional advice on efficient vehicles from a single source of compiled materials. (Information available in German, French, and Italian)

Organization: E’Mobile, the Swiss association  for electric and efficient vehicles, is engaged in the market introduction of efficient and low-emission vehicles such as hybrid, natural gas and electric cars, as well as fuels from sustainable sources. E’mobile offers unbiased information and consulting and organizes exhibitions, test drives, workshops and conferences. E’mobile is one of four founding members of the Swiss agency EcoCar. (Information available in English, German, and French)