Government: The Swedish Energy Agency has proposed establishing a national demonstration programme for electrical vehicles and rechargeable hybrids and the development of an electric recharge infrastructure. This would include support for electrical vehicles and rechargeable hybrids which should be increased in relation to other environmentally-friendly vehicles. (Information available in multiple languages)

Organization: Power Circle's objective is to work towards electric and power technology to be strengthened and having the industry support a positive sustainable community of development.

Research: Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Centre (SHC) is a Centre of Excellence established in 2007 by the Swedish Energy Agency with three Swedish universities and six Swedish industrial companies as partners. Chalmers University of Technology is the host for SHC. The mission is to be a strategic knowledge and competence base for education, research and development within hybrid electric vehicles, and to form a framework for cooperation between industry and academia. (Information available in English and Swedish)

Organization: is spreading knowledge and product-neutral information on clean vehicles, fuels and other related topics. (Information available in English and Swedish)