Government: Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Development – Energy Policy. The Portuguese government has endorsed broad strategic guidelines for the energy sector by defining the National Energy Strategy, which was approved by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers. (Information available in Portuguese)

Government: Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) with information on environmentally friendly mobility. (Information available in Portuguese)

Organization: MOBI.E created and is managing the Electric Mobility Network. The MOBI.E network is an intelligent charging network that can be used to charge electric vehicles. Available throughout Portugal, accessible to all users and compatible with all makes of electric vehicles, the MOBI.E network is the first step for these vehicles to be widely adopted in Portugal. With charging points on public streets and roads, in car parks, and at other locations, citizens can restore battery power simply and conveniently. (Information available in English and Portuguese)

Organization: The Portuguese Electric Vehicle Association (APVE) is a nonprofit established in 1999, whose mission is to promote broader use of vehicles with electric propulsion (Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell) in integrated transport policy, and sustainable mobility.