Public-Private Partnership:    The Austrian Agency for Alternative Propulsion Systems (A3PS)     goal is to facilitate the development and introduction of alternative propulsion systems and fuels. It is a public-private partnership to achieve a close cooperation between Austrian industry, research institutions and public authorities in charge of technology policies. (Information available in English and German)

Government: The Austrian Energy Agency is the national information center for energy. The Agency researches and promotes knowledge in the areas of new technologies, renewable energy and energy efficiency. (Information in German)

Government:   Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) creates and develops intelligent and efficient infrastructure to shape and promote innovative initiatives.(Information available in English and German)

Organization: E-connected initiative strives to minimize the CO2 issues from Austrian traffic by means of quick and lasting implementation of E mobility by linking essential stakeholders to facilitate the generation and distribution of knowledge to further Austrian development. (Information available in German)

Industry:   Austrian Mobile Power   is a platform consisting of Austrian  companies from energy, industry and research with the goal of leading Austria into the age promoting developments in renewable energy so that in the future, Austrians will not only be able to refuel more inexpensively, but also emission-free, quietly, comfortably and with sufficient speed to reach their goal. (Information available in German).