Government: China’s Ministry of Science and Technology coordinates science and technology activities in the country. Research activities include advanced battery technology for plug-in electric vehicles. (Information available in English and Chinese)

Association: CAAM (China Association of  Automobile Manufacturers) posts monthly data on car sales and manufacturing.

Media: China Automotive Review (CAR), is published by China Business Update (CBU) and distributed worldwide, providing news, views and reviews on the Chinese motor vehicle industry, with a  number of articles addressing hybrid and electric vehicles. (Information available in English and Chinese)

Media: China Car Times is the largest English language resource for the Chinese car industry and strives to bring fresh content to a global audience on a the vehicle industry. (Information available in English)

Media: Automotive News China is a free, weekly newsletter delivered via e-mail to more than 20,000 Chinese automotive industry executives and global automotive executives with responsibility for the Chinese market. It is possible to search for stories about hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles, with registration required to read the entire article. (Information available in English and Chinese)



Government: The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) announced the “Next-Generation Vehicle Strategy 2010.” This is the outcome of discussions by the Study Group on Next-Generation Vehicle Strategy, which was established to formulate Japan’s new strategy for medium- to long-term actions that should be taken by auto and related industries and society in general.