Please answer a questionnaire about quick charging technology

October 22, 2013 09:40 AM
50-kW fast charger in Japan, one of more than 1700 installed.
© Tony Markel, NREL


IA-HEV Task 20, Quick Charging (QC) Technology, has posted an online questionnaire to solicit input from the electric vehicles (EV) community on the current status and future applications of QC technology (also known as DC fast charging, or DCFC).

The survey covers potential business models for QC/DCFC as well as issues in its value chain, including charger infrastructure, OEMs and interoperability, the impact of QC/DCFC on the electricity grid, and the anticipated timeframe for developments in technology and regulatory frameworks.

The motivation for the survey is to answer issues that need to be addressed in order to facilitate more widespread deployment of QC/DCFC technology. The exercise will allow Task 20 to collect valuable information from all sectors involved, towards extracting some conclusions.

The information gathered will be analyzed and incorporated into the final report for Task 20. The aim is to hear from as many stakeholders as possible, which will allow Task 20 to identify all of the issues that will need to be addressed to enable QC/DCFC technology to succeed worldwide.

Please complete the questionnaire here.

Contributed by Ignacio Martin
Task 20 Operating Agent