Clean Vehicle Awards


Recognizing Excellence


Contributors to improving electric vehicle transportation often go unrecognized. Yet their efforts provide vehicle alternatives that contribute to the well-being of the planet we all share. In 2005, IA-HEV created the Clean Vehicle Awards to recognize individuals, teams, and manufacturers. The Awards continue today with its original mission to annually honor worldwide leaders. Through recognizing these leaders, the Awards seek to inspire others to take extraordinary actions to implement clean and energy-efficient vehicle technologies for wide-spread use.

The Prize Recipients

IA-HEV Clean Vehicle Awards are given to nominated specialists in the field of hybrid, electric, or fuel cell vehicles worldwide in three categories:

  • The Clean Vehicle Award recognizes manufacturers with outstanding sales figures and is given in four categories based on vehicle sales: bronze for 25,000, silver for 50,000, gold for 100,000, and platinum for more than 250,000.
  • The Best Practice Award is given to the organizers of an outstanding promotion project.
  • The Personal Award goes to a dedicated person whose outstanding work develops or promotes clean vehicles.

Impact of the Awards

The Clean Vehicle Awards amplify the voices of these leaders and provides them with international recognition that enhances their credibility and worldwide visibility for the issues they champion.

Selection and the Annual Announcement

Specialists in the field of hybrid, electric, or fuel cells worldwide are invited to nominate candidates to the IA-HEV committee that chooses the award recipients. The Clean Vehicle Awards Ceremony is designed to coincide with the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA) Electric Vehicle (EV) Symposium. In the years when there is no EV Symposium, the Awards are announced in February for the preceding year. No 2010 Clean Vehicle Awards were given.

Gallery of Award Winners 2005-2009

Award 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

Clean Vehicle

Toyota, Prius, Japan





Honda, Japan

Toyota, Lexus Division, Japan

Ford, U.S.

Ford, U.S.











Honda, Japan



Best Practice Reggio Emilia, Alberto Santel, &  Paolo Rodiglione, Italy
Electric Bicycle & Scooter Fleet
The Plug-In Partners National Campaign, U.S.
Electricitѐ de France

Energy Saving Trust,
Personal Renѐ Jeanneret, Switzerland
Hans Tholstrup, Australia Paul MacCready (posthumously), U.S. Karl Kordesch, Austria/U.S. Steen V. Jensen, Denmark