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The Clean Vehicle Award recognizes manufacturers with outstanding sales figures and is given in four categories:

  • Bronze (25,000 vehicles sold)

  • Silver (50,000 vehicles sold)

  • Gold (100,000 vehicles sold)

  • Platinum (250,000 + vehicles sold)

2009 Winner

Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Japan. IA-HEV selected Honda for the 2009 Clean Vehicle Award for achieving over 250,000 cumulative sales of Civic Hybrids. The Award was presented in Stavanger, Norway, at the 24th World Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS-24). Previously, Honda also received the 2006 Clean Vehicle Award. Continuing its long history in the development of clean vehicle technologies, Honda continues to put new hybrid electric vehicles on the market.

2008 Winner

This year no hybrid/electric vehicle achieved the cumulative sales Award quantities necessary.

2007 Winner

Ford Motor Company, United States. In 2006, IA-HEV recognized Ford Motor Company for passing the 25,000 in clean vehicle sales. In 2007, the “Clean Vehicle Award” was again presented to Ford Motor Company to acknowledge more than 50,000 hybrid models sold worldwide.

2006 Winners

At a ceremony in Yokohama, Japan on 25 October, the IA-HEV presented its 2006 Clean Vehicle Awards recognizing three companies for outstanding worldwide sales:

  • Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Japan, for achieving sales of more than 135,000 hybrid models.

  • Toyota Motor Corporation, Lexus Division, Japan, for achieving sales of more than 50,000 hybrid models.

  • Ford Motor Company, United States, for achieving sales of more than 30,000 hybrid models.

2005 Winner

The first Clean Vehicle Award was presented to Toyota for the Prius.