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The Best Practice Award is given to the organizers of an outstanding promotion project that advances the cause of hybrid and electric vehicles.

2009 Winner

Energy Saving Trust, United Kingdom, received the 2009 Best Practice Award for its extensive and influential work in developing programs resulting in an increased number of hybrid vehicles driven in the United Kingdom and for ongoing development of low-carbon technologies for road transportation.

2008 Winner

Électricité de France, (EdF) made strong efforts to develop an electric vehicle industry and market in France. EdF took the lead in implementing recharging infrastructure while also becoming a partner in rental and electric vehicle sharing projects (“Praxitèle”, La Rochelle) and co-founding BatScap with Toyota to develop and demonstrate lithium metal polymer batteries and run fleet tests.

2007 Winner

The Plug-in Partners National Campaign, United States.

Launched in 2006, the campaign received 30,000 petition signatures to demonstrate for automakers that many consumers would buy a plug-in hybrid vehicle if available for sale. Campaigners also convinced state and business fleet owners to order in advance 10,000 plug-in hybrid vehicles from automotive manufacturers. As desired, this campaign’s success won the full attention of the automotive industry and increased electric vehicle public awareness.

2006 Winner

The People’s Republic of China won The Best Practice Award for outstanding promotion of electric vehicles for the Electric Bicycle and Scooter Fleet.

2005 Winner

Alberto Santel, Paolo Rodiglione, and Reggio Emilia of Italy won the 2005 Best Practice Award.