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IA-HEV Annual Report over 2012: The Electric Drive Gains Traction

2012 IA-HEV Annual Report, Chair's Message (0.3 Mb pdf)
2012 IA-HEV full Annual Report (3 Mb pdf)

IA-HEV annual report over 2012 now available for download, featuring EV news from 17 countries

New for fall 2013, the IA-HEV annual report Hybrid and Electric Vehicles – The Electric Drive Gains Traction is now available for download. IA-HEV hopes that sharing timely information about programs and policies that support the early market for electric vehicles (EVs) in member countries may inspire similar approaches in new locations.

This report describes the major developments in EVs and hybrids during 2012 in 15 IA-HEV member countries in Europe plus Canada and the United States. Each country chapter includes:

  • Policies and legislation around clean vehicles,
  • Numbers of hybrids and EVs on the road,
  • Deployment of EV charging infrastructure, and
  • Major EV demonstration and research projects.

The IA-HEV annual report serves as a comprehensive reference work on international approaches to promote hybrid electric vehicles and EVs, with an expert from each member country contributing a chapter on the year’s most significant developments. This range of up-to-date information is difficult to find between two covers anywhere else. 

The new report also describes the activities and results of IA-HEV’s active Tasks, where representatives from multiple member countries collaborate on research into EV-related topics of current interest.

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