IA-HEV Outlook 2013: Success factors for hybrid and electric vehicle deployment

October 18, 2013 01:10 PM
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Each year, the IA-HEV Outlook presents views of the hybrid and electric vehicle experts who make up the membership. The IA-HEV Outlook for 2013, Success factors for hybrid and electric vehicle deployment, examines the factors that need to be in place for hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) to succeed in becoming a significant part of the transportation system. These include:

  • Enacting measures to support EV adoption
  • Involving all relevant stakeholders
  • Removing uncertainties about EVs
  • Making EVs financially attractive

An overview of financial incentives for electric mobility available in all IA-HEV member countries is also included.

The document can be downloaded at the IA-HEV Outlook page.

The IA-HEV Outlook presents the view of a group of hybrid and electric vehicle experts (IA-HEV) collaborating under the framework of the International Energy Agency (IEA). The participants in the Agreement are governmental bodies and research institutes that are appointed by their governments in the eighteen member countries.

Contributed by Ms. Kristin Abkemeier
Task 1 Operating Agent