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Summary of R&D programs in the United Kingdom supporting PHEVs and EVs.


Research relating to PHEVs, EVs, and fuel cell vehicles

Low Carbon Vehicles Innovation Platform

  • Managed by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), a non-departmental entity of the UK Government
  • The Integrated Delivery Programme (IDP)is a key program in which government has provided £120 million in funds (matched by industry) to support low carbon vehicle technology development by public-private R&D collaborations
  • The Ultra Low Carbon Vehicle (ULCV) Demonstrator has more than 300 vehicles on UK roads with tailpipe emissions below 50 g CO2/km as well as 201 all-electric and low-carbon vans in 21 fleets being trialled

Automotive Council UK and the “UK Sourcing Roadmap”

  • Automotive Council UK was formed in 2009 to promote UK manufacturers, strengthen the supply chain, and position the UK as a leader in low carbon automotive technologies
  • Co-chaired by Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), and Richard Parry-Jones, former CTO of Ford Motor Company
  • In March 2011, issued a report, Growing the Automotive Supply Chain: The Road Forward, identifying growth opportunities for the UK automotive supply chain, which were then put into a “UK sourcing roadmap”
  • UK suppliers are expected to improve their positioning as it develops strength in low carbon powertrain architectures

Department for Transport (DfT) Business Plan

  • Entails a commitment to review and consolidate existing support mechanisms for low and ultra-low emission vehicle research and development projects approved thus far, completed in 2011.
  • Includes a workshop with industry leaders from across the automotive supply chain to identify the industry’s priorities for R&D and their preferred delivery mechanism for Government support.

Roadmap to a Green Economy

  • BIS, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) collaborated on a new Roadmap to the Green Economy during 2011
  • OLEV staff are working closely with the BIS Automotive Unit to develop the case study demonstrating what industry and government are doing to enable the automotive sector to be a key element of a future green economy