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Plugged-In Places (PIP)

The Plugged-In Places (PIP) initiative is creating a charging infrastructure in eight key British cities or hubs to spur the development and consumer uptake of ultra-low carbon vehicles. As of December 2011, the eight hubs are located in London, Milton Keynes, the Northeast region, Northern Ireland, Central Scotland, Greater Manchester, the Midlands, and the East of England. Approximately £8 million is allocated for the installation of more than 9,700 charging points through the end of March 2013.

Charging infrastructure will be installed in homes, at workplaces, on street, and in private and public car parks. The projects will be testing a variety of business and operating models and different technological approaches. The resulting insights will be used to inform the developing UK national strategy for infrastructure roll out.

The Committee on Climate Change, which are independent advisers to the UK Government, also concluded that a charging infrastructure to support 1.7 million cars in 2020 (representing the Extended Ambition scenario of 5% of the total UK car fleet being electric or plug-in hybrids, though the UK has not stated an absolute number as a target) could be achieved at a cost of a few hundred million pounds, but that this could rise to £1.4 billion “depending on the level of sophistication of charging meters”. The group also concluded that this money would have to come at least in part from the Government.


In 2009, the Mayor of London set out a vision for EVs in an Electric Vehicle Delivery Plan, which highlights the requirement for a new charging infrastructure to facilitate the uptake and usage of electric vehicles in London.  Source London is a city-wide charge point network key to delivering the Mayor’s vision launched in May 2011. There will be a continued phased installation of 1,300 public charge points on residential streets and off-street locations, such as supermarkets, public car parks, and at shopping and leisure centres in the Source London network.