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The Turkish government sponsors research topics relevant to HEVs and EVs along with electric drivetrain technology subcomponents and smart mobility. A synergy between scientific and industrial interests developed leading to the development of joint R&D. The following organizations are involved in hybrid and electric vehicle technologies.

TÜBITAK MRC Energy Institute

Automotive Excellence Center, established in TUBITAK MRC Energy Institute, is being used for development and testing of critical H&EV components. The Institute is also leading clusters on various related areas including Smart Mobility, which is designed to increase competitiveness on electromobility, smart transportation systems and V2X/V2V communications.
The MRC Energy Institute’s vehicle technology research emphasizes the following areas:
  • Vehicle technologies: system integration of HEV powertrains; modeling and simulation of EV and HEV technologies and HEV control systems; and rapid prototyping of control systems, electrical energy storage systems and battery technologies, and electric machines and drives for traction applications.
  • Power electronics technologies: circuit designs; programming, control, and signal processing; power system simulation and analysis; and network analysis.
  • Advanced energy technologies: fuel cell technologies, e.g., proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells and direct sodium borohydride fuel cells (DSBHFCs); hydrogen production and storage; and combustion, gasification, and gas cleaning systems.
  • Fuel technologies: analyses of solid fuels, e.g., lignite, coke, and petrocoke; analyses of liquid fuels—especially gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, and fuel oil, according to international standards; and production of biodiesel.

OTAM - Automotive Technology Research and Development Center

OTAM was established in 2004 in partnership with the Automotive Manufacturers Organization (OSD), TÜBITAK, and Istanbul Technical University (ITU). OTAM’s overall goals are to carry out R&D on pre- and post-production efforts by the automotive industry and to act as a bridge between academia and local automotive companies in order to improve resource usage and technology exchange.

Istanbul Technical University Mechatronics Education and Research Center

The Mechatronics Education and Research Center (MERC) was founded at the Maslak Campus of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in 2008. MERC offers theoretical and applied studies to many students from a large number of technical departments including mechanical engineering and electrical and electronics engineering. Projects relating to automotive technologies are underway, including a hybrid vehicle project, an electric minibus project, and unmanned land vehicles projects. The hybrid vehicle project includes studies on fuel efficiency, energy management, power electronics, vehicle control, and hybrid vehicle design.

Okan University Transportation Technologies and Intelligent Automotive Systems Application and Research Center (TTIS)

The Okan University Transportation Technologies and Intelligent Automotive Systems Application and Research Center (TTIS) performs and contributes to research and development in the areas of intelligent vehicles, intelligent transportation systems, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, advanced automotive technologies, electric transportation technologies, fuel cells, vehicle technologies that use renewable energy, and finally, the development and application of complicated simulation and virtual environments.