Turkey - On the Road and Deployments

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On the Road

The number of electric and hybrid vehicles on the road in Turkey has increasing with the introduction of new models produced in Turkey. Despite the increase of sales, H&EVs still incorporated a negligible fraction of the total vehicles. 


The electric vehicle introduction to the fleets and EVSE installation efforts are still underway in Turkey by metropolitan municipalities and various private companies. These efforts are mostly concentrated in shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, public buildings and logistic fleets. Although official statistics are not currently available, over 300 charging stations are estimated to be available as of 2017.

Metropolitan municipalities in Turkey have decided to increase the promotion of electric vehicles in order to reduce CO2 emissions and the effects of climate warming. The historical peninsula of Istanbul will be only accessible by electrical vehicles in the near future.

Efforts on electric vehicle and charging stations focus on the following topics.

  • Increase number of projects that could favor the use of electric vehicles in cities, especially those focused on charging networks
  • Install and develop a network of charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Develop special projects for fleets, public spaces and cities
  • Analyze the regulations on installing and operating electric vehicle charging stations