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OSD, the Automotive Manufacturers Association, represents the 15 manufacturers in Turkey: Anadolu Isuzu, B.M.C., Ford Otosan, Hattat, Honda Türkiye, Hyundai Assan, Karsan, M.A.N. Türkiye, Mercedes Benz Türk, Otokar, Oyak Renault, Temsa Global, TOFAŞ, Toyota, and Türk Traktör. According to OSD’s annual report, in 2010 the automotive industry was Turkey’s largest export sector at 15.3%. The total production was 1,095,000 units in 2010, representing a 26% increase over the number of vehicles manufactured in 2009.


TAYSAD, established in 1978, represents the Turkish automotive supplier industry. With 287 members, TAYSAD represents 65% of the output of the automotive supplier industry and 70% of the industry’s exports. Of TAYSAD’s members, 80% operate in the Marmara region, 12% in the Aegean region, and 8% in other regions of Turkey.

The TAYSAD members employ a total of 80,000 people, and when the suppliers of TAYSAD members are included, the total number of employees reaches about 125,000. The main product groups manufactured by TAYSAD members operating in the motor vehicle manufacturing industry can be classified as complete engines and engine parts, power trains, brake systems and parts, hydraulic and pneumatic spare parts, suspension parts, safety spare parts, foam and rubber parts, chassis parts and spare parts, forged and cast parts, electrical equipment and illumination systems, batteries, automobile glass, and seats.

Image courtesy of FIAT.

In November 2009, TOFAŞ started developing the all-electric version of the vehicle, Doblo EV, pictured on the left.

The development process was conducted at TOFAŞ and announced by FIAT as “the first electric vehicle designed and developed for mass production in Turkey”.


Ford Otosan

Image courtesy of Azure Dymanics.

 The Ford Transit Connect is manufactured by in an all new production plant at Gölcük, near Kocaeli, Turkey, and since September 2009 in Romania by Automobile Craiova. Since mid-2009, the Transit Connect has been imported to the United States and Canada.

The Ford Gölcük plant manufactures the gliders (vehicle minus the drivetrain and batteries) for the Ford Transit Connect, which are then shipped to the U.S., where the electric drivetrain and batteries are installed to make the Ford Transit Connect EV. The modified Transit Connect EV is primarily used as a commercial vehicle in the U.S. by businesses such as FedEx.