Turkey - Charging Infrastructure

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Turkey has seen new developments towards the introduction of charging infrastructure. So far, three municipalities have signed an MOU with Renault  to deploy EVs along with charging infrastructure.

The Renault Fluence Z.E. electric vehicle is projected to be sold in 2011. Renault has been working on three charging options: to charge the vehicle via a household mains supply, to charge at fast charge stations using a high power supply, and the QuickDrop battery switch system to swap the electric vehicle’s battery in approximately three minutes using existing vehicle sales/service points locations. In order to increase the usage of the EVs, Renault has signed contracts with city municipalities like Istanbul, Ankara, and Gaziantep to install the charging stations. 

İstanbul Enerji, an association of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is taking the lead role of organizing the related parties to assess the possibilities for electric vehicle deployment in metropolitan cities, including charging stations and municipality services.

The project, called Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles, began in 2010. The project focus includes the following topics: vehicle technologies, battery technologies, charging stations, grid technologies, and standardization and regulations.

İstanbul Enerji, along with the other two İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality associations, BELBİM (related to the information technologies) and İSPARK (related to the car parking services) have been planning to install the required infrastructure for charging the electric vehicles in İstanbul. The first demonstration charging stations are planned for the parking lots and the social facilities of the municipality.