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Report by ECN and NL, September 2012

An International Perspective on Electric Transportation



HEV TCP Task Participation

Task 1, Information Exchange

Task 10, Electrochemical Systems

Task 24, Economic Impact Assessment of e-Mobility

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The Dutch government's vision for sustainable mobility can only be realized by approaching economic, social, environmental, and climate issues simultaneously.

To this end, the national Action Plan for Electric Driving was implemented between 2009 and 2011 with the objective of making the Netherlands a guide and international laboratory for electric driving.

The Dutch Government has ongoing policies and legislation for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and improving air quality. CO2 reduction targets correspond with the European Union (EU) level of 20% reduction in 2020 vs. 1990.

Aware of the many initiatives in the Netherlands and other countries, the government encourages electricity providers, manufacturers, and local authorities to promote the introduction of electric mobility. Initiatives from the market will be facilitated. Electric mobility has possibilities for success, but only with the joint cooperation between the market, NGOs, social institutions, knowledge centers, and a range of authorities. Under fast-changing conditions, all stakeholders work together to keep up with developments and add their own.