The Netherlands - Industry

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Dutch industry in the EV/HEV field, including potential parties, consists of the following companies:

  • DAF Trucks N.V. (trucks, subsidiary of PACCAR, Inc.)
  • VDL (Van de Leegte) Bus B.V. (public transport buses and touring cars)
  • APTS BV, subsidiary of VDL, manufacturer of Phileas hybrid buses
  • NedCar car assembly factory, owned by Mitsubishi
  • Spijkstaal, EV-manufacturer
  • Various manufacturers of automotive components except batteries
  • AGV (All Green Vehicles)
  • ECE (E-cars Europe), import company of various electric vehicles
  • E-traction (electric hub engines)
  • Epyon (AC/DC fast charging infrastructure)
  • NedStack (PEM fuel cell stacks)
  • HyGear (Hydrogen generators and on-site gas processing equipment)
  • Silent Motor Comp. (fuel cell systems)
  • Various others, focusing on FC buses, trucks or conversions (“integrators”)
  • Duracar (small BEV truck-concept that was sold to Chinese Sino EV Tech during 2010)

Next to these first-line businesses, a number of specialized consultants are working in the field, such as Appm, The New Motion, EV consultant Ronald Berger, and the consultancy DHV.The new mobility concepts also pave the way for new supporting organizations that procure cars, charging points, service and battery-monitoring businesses.


The small  "Binky" is a 100% electric truck used for collecting garbage.

Image courtesy of Spijksraal.