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Within Switzerland, small specialized companies have excellent opportunities in the electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle market niche. These include the ZEBRA battery maker Battery Consult, H&EV component makers such as BRUSA Elektronic AG and ESORO, and pedelec manufacturers.

These specialized companies exhibit expertise in high-efficiency electric vehicle prototypes. In January 2011, the magazine auto-illustrierte named Marco Piffaretti of Protoscar as the “carmaker of the year” for his commitment to promoting electric vehicles and designing appealing prototypes.The young company SwissCleanDrive, with the help of the SFOE, has developed a kit for converting a convention ICE vehicle into a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. The kit is currently available for the FIAT Cinquecento kits for other car models are being developed.


The Oerlikon Solar Racing Team achieves a world record by driving an the Swiss Zerotracer electric vehicle, powered by BRUSA, over 30,000 km and wins the 2010 “Race around the world in 80 days with zero emissions. Image courtesy of Oerlikon Solar.

Louis Palmer, a Swiss global environmental adventurer, initiated three pioneering global circumnavigations with electric cars, including the 2011 Wave, at the 2010 ZERO Race.
The 2011 WAVE (World Advanced Vehicle Expedition) traveled from Paris to Prague in September  2011 with a special mission to promote electric mobility running on renewable energy.

The electric version of the Swiss-designed Peraves Zerotracer electric vehicle with propulsion system by BRUSA Elektronic placed third in the competition in the 2011 WAVE.

The startup Mindset (founded in 2007) has announced that it will start the production of its prototype. The German special vehicle maker Xenatec Group will manufacture the car, while the drive train is produced by BRUSA.