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HEV TCP Task Participation

Task 1, Information Exchange

Task 14, Market Deployment of Electric Vehicles: Lessons Learned

Task 15, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Contact Information

Mr. Peter Kasche
Swedish Energy Agency
Department for Energy Technology
P.O. Box 310
S-631 04 Eskilstuna, Sweden
Tel: +46.16.544.2091

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In June 2017, Sweden adopted a new progressive Climate Law, which has two overreaching goals for the Swedish road transport system; to reduce its GHG emissions by 70% by 2030 and become completely fossil-free by 2045. The national strategy focuses the efforts on three key areas to reach these goals: a transport efficient society, the use of renewable fuels and the electrification of vehicles. Electricity from renewable sources complements liquid and gaseous renewable fuels. Sweden is a part of the Nordic electricity market, which is already today almost decarbonized.