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Sweden’s automotive sector employs over 100,000 people, which includes approximately 1.000 automotive subcontractors.

The major manufacturers Volvo AB, Volvo Cars, and Scania all have electric and/or hybrid vehicles on the market. As the hybrid vehicle portion of the automotive sector has become more commercial, data on R&D activities has become proprietary and not in the public domain.

In spring 2017 Håkan Samuelsson, the Volvo chief executive, said that all new cars launched by Volvo Cars from 2019 onwards will be partially or completely battery-powered, in what the company called a “historic end” to building models that only have an internal combustion engine.

In Sweden, there are also companies NEVS (the company that bought Saab Automobile) and “Clean Motion”(small city vehicles) that focus more purely on electric vehicles. Several companies are also being established in the area of charging infrastructure such as GARO, ChargeAmp, and Chargestorm.