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Sweden’s automotive sector employs over 100,000 people, which includes 1,000 or so automotive subcontractors. Since 2010, iconic Swedish brands Volvo Car Corporation has been owned by a company in China. The historic Swedish brand Saab Automobile filed for bankruptcy in December 2011 and looked likely to liquidate its assets as of early 2012. 

The major manufacturers Volvo AB, Volvo Cars, Saab Automobile, and Scania all have presented electric and/or hybrid concept vehicles. As the hybrid vehicle portion of the automotive sector has become more commercial, data on R&D activities has become proprietary and not in the public domain.

Subcontractors and Smaller Companies

Subcontractors and small companies in the fields of electric vehicles, fuel cells and/or hybrid vehicles



ETC, Battery and Fuel Cells AB

Development and sale of batteries for hybrid vehicles: primarily nickel metal hydride, and various activities in the fuel cell sector.

Alelion Batteries AB

High-performance batteries and power electronics.


Up-scaled production and sale of low-cost Fe-based cathode materials for EV/HEV Li-ion batteries, especially Li2FeSiO4.


Development and sale of bipolar lead acid batteries for hybrid vehicles.

Cellkraft AB

Development of systems for PEM fuel cells.


Development and commercialization of fuel cell auxiliary power unit (APU) for heavy-duty truck applications.

Actia Nordic AB

Power electronics for electric and hybrid vehicles.


Electric machines.


Hybrid electric drivetrains.


Development of charging technology for electric vehicles.


Total systems provider of electric machines and components.

Electroengine in Sweden AB

After-market conversion to electric drive.


Development of small commuter and city vehicles.