Spain - Research

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The table includes a summary of research and development (R&D) programs in Spain supporting the development of PHEVs, EVs, and fuel cell vehicles.

Program (or Entity)

Research relating to PHEVs, EVs, and fuel cell vehicles

Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI)

As a public company founded in 1977 and supervised by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, CDTI supports the development of new products, services, and standards in many areas, including mobility.

Projects include participating in the European Green Car Initiative (EGCI), a Europe-wide project to bolster innovation in the automotive sector focusing on environmental progress.


This Spanish automaker is developing a Leon Twin-Drive prototype PHEV in its Technical Centre in Barcelona. SEAT also unveiled the IBE 2.0—a concept car with an electric-only motor—at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

Cenit Verde

This project initiated by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation brings together 15 companies (including SEAT), as well as 14 universities and technological centers, to develop the necessary technologies and components for hybrid and electric cars.