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In the frame of the VEA Strategy, the following key measures to promote R&D activity on alternative energy vehicles and thus,on electric vehicles have been considered:

  •  Collaboration of the National Government with a technological platforms, in order to introduce a road map for alternative energy vehicles in the very next Spanish strategy to support R&D
  • Supporting R&D projects through specific incentives lines, in collaboration with components and car manufacturers and also with infrastructure manufacturers.
  • Development of the Green Cars Initiative throught CDTI (a National public organism with competences on R&D programs) to promote the participation of Spanish companies in R&D European projects, in the frame of the H2020 and coordination of the Strategy RIS3, focused on promoting a better interaction and collaboration between companies of the automotion sector and technology centres.
  • Promotion of the participation of Spanish entities in international activities and workgroups, to place Spain as a key country and partner in the frame of alternative energy vehicles. In particular, Spanish participation will be focused on CARS 2020, Green Vehicles Initiative, TCP HEV (IEA), and EAFO (European Observatory of Evs). Also the incentives lines to support the internazionalization of R&D projects and programs will be supported, in collaboration with entities and companies, for example Eureka, Iberoeka, and other bilateral projects with other countries, through CDTI.