Spain - On the Road and Deployments

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On the Road

There are approximately 22,000 H&EVs on Spain’s roads out of a vehicle fleet size of about 30 million (with bicycles excluded from this count). In fact, during 2010 the number of HEVs on the road in Spain increased by slightly more than 50%, rising from 14,000 to 21,190.

Though there were fewer than 1,000 plug-in electric vehicles at the end of 2010 (excluding electric bicycles that do not require a driver's license), the plan to boost the number of BEVs and PHEVs to 250,000 by 2014 is expected give these a market penetration of approximately 1%. 

Integrated Strategy for 250,000 BEVs and PHEVs in Spain by 2014

The Integrated Strategy sets the goal of putting 250,000 electric vehicles (BEVs and PHEVs) on Spain’s roads, which could be recharged at 343,510 charging points throughout Spain. The plan envisions the rollout of the plug-in electric vehicles occurring according to the timetable shown, with increasing numbers of vehicles sold each year through 2014 to reach the cumulative target figure.

The MOVELE Project

Launched in 2009, the MOVELE Project (from “MOVilidad ELEctrica”) was a key demonstration programme designed to prove the viability of PHEVs and BEVs, with a target of 2,000 of these vehicles on the road by early 2011. Another part of the project involved installing 546 charging stations in three key cities (discussed in the Charging Infrastructure section).

MOVELE established public incentives for the acquisition of PHEVs and BEVs up to between 15% and 20% of their market prices, depending on the technical specifications of the vehicles. At of the end of the project in March 2011, 1,530 electric vehicles had been acquired through the program with average purchase support of €2,843. More than half of the vehicles purchased through this program were electric motorcycles, and 333 units were commercial vehicles.