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Charging infrastructure

At the end of 2016, there were officially registered and published by the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) a number of 40 recharging operators, which deployed a total of 116 public recharging stations for EVs in different cities all over the national territory.


However, a total number of 1,600 public charging stations and an amount of 4,547 charging points in Spain is estimated, most of them deployed in the frame of pilot demonstration projects, pending of registration in the recharging operators list of the CNMC, which means a ratio of 8 recharging points per electric vehicle registered in Spain.


In this chapter the CIRVE project should be menctioned: Spanish and Portuguese national governments promoted the creation of a consortium formed by 8 partners to deploy quick charging points through Mediterranean and Atlantic corridors, as a business model to study for the future implementation of RTE-T European recharging network and connecting Iberian Peninsula with the rest of the European continent.


The CIRVE project has a quantitative objective of installing a number of 25 new quick charging points and to adapt another 15 existing quick charging points in Iberian corridors. Investment associated to this project is co-financed by the 2015 call for proposals of the “Connecting Europe Mechanism (CEF).


CIRVE (Iberian corridors of quick charging points)