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HEV TCP Task Participation

Task 1, Information Exchange

Task 21, Accelerated Ageing Testing for Li-ion Batteries


Contact Information

Mr. Francesco Vellucci
ENEA – Italian National Agency for New Technology, Energy and the Environment
Casaccia Research Centre
Via Anguillarese 301
I-00123 S.M. di Galeria, Rome, Italy
Tel. +39-06-30483462

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The introduction of EVs and HEVs in Italy is driven by a series of temporary environmental control actions and the increasing share of renewable energy sources within an increasingly diverse energy mix.


The central government, regulatory bodies, and local authorities (regional and municipal) are proposing and discussing new legislation, regulations, and supporting measures to significantly reduce the environmental and energy impact of the transport sector, which globally still accounts for about 31% of the overall end use of energy (data source: Ministry of Ecopnomic Development, “Bilancio Energetico Nazionale” (BEN) 2015), and about 25% of the overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (data update: 2014, data source: ISPRA - “Emissioni di gas serra dai trasporti - Edizione 2016”).


The government is formally committed by the European Union targets for CO2 emission reductions and increased use of alternative fuels. Other positive signals for EVs in Italy include the initiatives supporting organized charging infrastructure and experimental pilot demonstrations, together with the announcements of new vehicles ready for the market.