Italy - Electric Charging Infrastrure

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Italy is seeing a growing number of initiatives to develop and promote the introduction of infrastructure for EVs. The activities in this field can be divided into three types:

  • Development of new charging stations.
  • Financial support for private and public initiatives to create local infrastructure.
  • Pilot and demonstration projects to validate electric infrastructure technologies, business models, logistics, and the interaction with EVs.

More than 9,000 charging points are estimated to have been already installed or are under installation in Italy.

Electric Charging Points

ECP12In Italy, about 9,000 electric charging points can be estimated, 7,000 ÷ 7,500 (around 80%) of them are private charging points. In 92 Italian provinces there is at least one public charging point, but charging points are concentrated in the main urban areas and cities. The situation is in a continuous progress, because the National Plan for Electric charging Infrastructure (PNIRE), edited by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport (MIT) has to be applied. PNIRE is the instrument which rules the development of charging infrastructure. It establishes the following targets for the public charging of passenger cars: 4,500 ÷ 13,000 normal power charging points (i.e. power equal or lower than 22 kW) and 2,000 ÷ 6,000 high power charging stations (i.e. power bigger than 22 kW) until 2020.

Under the push of PNIRE, various Regions have already implemented Electric Mobility Plans and/or guide lines for the development of electric mobility. Dedicated plans for all other regions are in progress.