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Mr. Graham Brennan
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)
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One of the primary roles of the Government's electric vehicle (EV) strategy will be to ensure that Ireland is at the forefront of developments in this field.

The Government has a goal of electric vehicles making up 10% of the transport fleet by 2020. Based on the current size of the national fleet, this would equate to around 230,000 EVs in Ireland by 2020.

A number of factors make Ireland ideal for the deployment of EVs, such as the relatively limited distances travelled by motorists, and the ready availability of electricity generated from renewable sources. Thus, electric vehicles offer a real opportunity to dramatically reduce GHG emissions from the transport sector.

Moreover, EVs also offer the opportunity to reduce imports of fossil fuels. Finally, this dynamic and rapidly growing sector also offers a range of new enterprise and employment possibilities, both in terms of research and development and industrial production.

To ensure that Ireland pursues the full range of opportunities presented by EVs, an electric vehicles working group has been set up. The group is chaired by the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, involving all of the relevant Government departments and agencies, and commercial semi-state bodies. This working group had a series of subgroups, dedicated to exploring different aspects of the issue including enterprise opportunities, fiscal supports and infrastructural requirements. This working group will present a final report to the Government.